Vital Solutions now part of Fytexia

Fytexia, an ABF Ingredients (ABFI) company, has invested in Vital Solutions, a German company specialising in natural science-based ingredients, for application in dietary supplements and functional foods. Two years after the acquisition of BNatural, the European leader in brown propolis extracts, Fytexia reinforces its leadership in science-based polyphenols addressing new health categories, such as gut health and cognitive functions.
This strategic acquisition confirms the ambition of ABFI to accelerate the development of Fytexia and its presence in the nutritional ingredient market.
“Vital Solutions is a dynamic and market-oriented business with a successful track record of introducing innovative health ingredients to international markets, serving the dietary supplements industry. The ingredients developed by Vital Solutions will make an excellent addition to our range of scientifically supported ingredients” said Matthieu Arguillere, Managing director of Fytexia.
“Joining Fytexia within ABFI was a natural move to Vital Solutions. We believe that the cultures of the two companies are very close and that Fytexia will accelerate the commercial development of Vital Solutions’ portfolio of ingredients” said Dr. Sybille Buchwald-Werner, CEO of Vital Solutions.
“The acquisition of Fytexia was a first step for us and we are keen to accelerate our development in the nutraceutical industry. Vital Solutions will bring new synergies to this already fast-growing business, and we are excited to have them on board” said Fabienne Saadane-Oaks, CEO of ABFI.
The team joining from Vital Solution will accelerate our adoption of these ingredients by bringing their expertise to our team” completed Matthieu Arguillère.

About Fytexia
Fytexia’s mission is to reduce risk factors for non-communicable health conditions and mild infections by offering innovative nutritional ingredients developed through science-based research. Fytexia’s team of experts and its global network of researchers deliver functional active nutrients, developed through the application of stringent scientific principles and practices. The company’s activities range from the development of active compounds to the creation of clinically tested ingredients. The ingredients developed by Fytexia are used in the formulas of the most advanced healthcare products, improving the health and well-being of consumers, worldwide.

The history

Vital Solutions GmbH is a privately owned, fast growing company specialized in the development and marketing of high quality, innovative, natural, science-based, and IP protected food ingredients, dedicated to improve the quality of human life. Its headquarters are in Langenfeld, Germany.

Vital Solutions was founded in 2009 by a highly qualified team with more than 35 years’ combined experience in the natural ingredient industry. Dr. Sybille Buchwald-Werner and Norbert Weitkemper  build up a natural ingredient company based on innovation, science and sustainability. Dr. Sybille Buchwald-Werner, pharmacist with PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry, is the creative brain of the company. An innovator  with passion for communication and sales. Norbert Weitkemper, economist, is the operational backbone of the company.


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The achievements

Vital Solutions has successfully introduced 5 novel health ingredients, leading to sustainable sales growth in 18 countries via a well-established sales and distribution network. The marketing & sales strategy has four pillars. Strategic cooperation with distribution partner in the target markets, being supported by  regional Vital Solutions sales and product managers, social media campaigns, and technical support. The aim of these diverse, powerful teams is  to jointly identify and create customers‘ solutions with Vital Solutions ingredients.

Today, Vital Solutions has a sales office in the U.S., in Germany as regional hub for Europe, and in Singapore as regional hub for China and Asia-Pacific. Furthermore, it has a food technology laboratory at the Beuth University of Applied Science, in Berlin, where concepts for the application of our ingredients in modern dosage forms are being investigated.

Science for a Better Future

Vital Solutions market-orientated dynamic and strong R&D organization covers key scientific research areas, from phytochemical investigations, exploration of mode of actions, to human studies. Production facility and manufacturing process comply with the highest international standards of safety, hygiene, sustainability, traceability, and quality control. The results are safe and effective natural ingredients, which serve consumer demands for healthy nutrition, without limitations by taste and technological feasibility.

Vital Solutions offers solutions for brain health, digestive health & metabolism, well aging, and sports nutrition.

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Vital Solutions. What our brand is recognized for

    • Health ingredients, which target a specific health benefit
    • Effective ingredients, not limited by taste and technological feasibility
    • Science support starting from phytochemical investigation, identification of mode of action and confirming beneficial effects in humans
    • Controlled and stable efficacy and safety
    • Sustainable, traceable supply chain
    • IP protected health ingredients
    • Production facility and manufacturing process complying with the highest international standards of safety, hygiene and quality control
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Vital Solutions mission is to support peoples’ health naturally by investing in science to offer effective ingredients, and by investing in communication to create awareness and know-how among consumers to enable them to choose the best individual nutritional support. Vital Solutions  condition specific ingredients, serve consumer demands for health prevention and help to reduce health care costs.


Vital Solutions wants to become the first choice partner for innovative, plant-based health ingredients for the food, functional food, and food  supplements.


Our key principle is to ensure that all parties involved in the supply chain are also stakeholders in the commercialization of the plants / natural ingredients. Experience has shown that only developments based on joint business opportunities are the basis for a long term, sustainable income stream.

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