Adapt to the New Normal

More than one year ago, Covid-19 started and nobody thought it would be a life-changing event. Home-office, home-schooling, limited health care and postponed start of vaccination, initiated stress and anxiety which cannot be balanced by physical exercise and fresh air

How will be tomorrow? A new normal?

Adapting to the new normal is a novel situation in our lifetime and it is affecting everyone individually. Adaptation is a process and everybody has its own challenges, emotions and speed. Recognize little steps and celebrate them. Celebration is important to generate recognizable events.  We need to create good memories, because without memories time goes fast and this means life goes fast. Remember: The only constant in life is change. Yours Sybille
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Dear Silvana, dear Nutrahorizon Team, it was my pleasure to contribute to WorldWide 1/2021 Issue of NutraHorizon. Thank you for your support.