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Beauty from within

Elevate your beauty regime from the inside out. Today ingestible beauty products have gone holistic, targeting skin, hair and nail, as well as signs of aging, metabolism, physical activity and sleep.

Market trends

The global beauty supplement market is projected to grow at a CAGR of ~5% until 2026 (1, 2), connected to the following trends:

The secret of beautiful, healthy skin & hair

  • Healthy blood flow and microcirculation to hydrate and replenish cells with nutrients and to nourish them with oxygen, to let the skin glow and the hair shine
  • Structural proteins, like collagen or ceramides, to give skin, hair, connective tissue, joints and many other parts of the body the necessary framework and firmness
  • Reduction of oxidative stress and inflammatory processes to balance aging
  • Healthy metabolism and enzyme activity associated with energy supply, stress resistance, cell survival, and longevity

Organic quality
Beauty supplements, which are mostly organic certified, could get attention of consumers looking in general for organic and natural products.

Hair care
Among applications, the hair care segment shows significant growth, particularly in Asia Pacific. 3

Social Media Drive
Brands benefit from rising influence of social media on different platforms, simplify communication of beauty benefits, sharing of experience and quick click and buy options. 

Non-capsule format
In the past, beauty supplements were clean capsule formats. Now, we see a shift towards powder sachets, and particularly gummy supplements. Taste and funny shapes demonstrate that consumers are looking for effects, taste and enjoyable products. 4

⇒ Careflow® for Skin – Beauty from within

⇒ Careflow® for Hair – Beauty from within

Having a strong expertise in ingredients supporting Beauty from within, Vital Solutions offers Careflow®, a natural solution to elevate your beauty regime from the inside out. Careflow® is scientifically proven to improve microcirculatio, which is essential to allow blood to transport essential nutrients and oxygen to each skin cell. This also includes peptides, which are the foundation to build up collagen and keratin to support a firm skin and healthy hair. Furthermore, Careflow® stimulates Mitochrondia biogenesis and counteracts oxidative stress and inflammation, key benefits to balance aging.