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Cooperation with the Institute of Food Technology

Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin is one of Germany‘s ten largest state universities of applied sciences. Beuth University of Applied Sciences offers more than 70 degree programmes in 45 fields, the majority of them in engineering fields, but also in sciences and business administration. In keeping with its industry-oriented profile, Beuth University of Applied Sciences is located in a central area of the north-eastern municipality of Wedding, where industry has a long tradition. This attractive location is close to major Berlin companies and research institutions as well as to the commercial centre of Wedding.

Mission and Structure

  • Teaching and research at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin are based on a strong link between theory and practice
  • We prepare students for a professional career in business and industry, with a strong emphasis on engineering
  • Course programmes are based on the needs and requirements of industry
  • Intensive coursework during the semester allows completion of the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree within the timeframe set by the programmes
  • Favourable professor/student ratio, learning in small groups with plenty of opportunity for discussion, high proportion (40 %) of practical laboratory work and projects
  • Close collaboration of the academic staff with companies in research projects and technology transfer in all areas of study
  • Faculty with practical experience: full-time tenur
  • Strong emphasis on application-oriented research and technology transfer in cooperation with companies

Vital Solutions has a cooperation with Prof. Dr. Peschke. Vital Solutions supports as external partner bachelor and master thesis carried out in the area of food technology.

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The history of Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin goes back to the early technical schools founded in Prussia in 1823 and the years thereafter. These schools were continually upgraded and led to the foundation of engineering academies after 1945. Beginning in 1971, these engineering academies were incorporated into „Technische Fachhochschule Berlin (TFH)“, a university of applied sciences.