Bluenesse® – Boost of mental focus and support to cope with stress

More and more people experience stress and psychological trouble due to intensified lifestyle demands and an increasing workload and they thus suffer from mental disorders.
The World Health Organization (WHO) says: “Stress is one of the key health concerns”

Vital Solutions GmbH explains how a special extract of Melissa officinalis can help stressed consumers to maintain mental focus and to reduce long term negative effects of stress.

Bluenesse® is a next generation lemon balm extract with guaranteed efficacy – Bridging the gap between innovative technologies and a traditional EU herb. Traditional lemon balm extract are not like Bluenesse®! It is unique because it helps to stay calm and alert even in stressful situations.

Bluenesse® is a natural, sustainable, IP protected health ingredient which fulfills the legal requirements for its application in food supplements and foods in Europe and the US.

There full text paper is available here at Wellness Food Europe.

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