Care less about age with Careless® – The innovation for well-aging

The world´s population is aging rapidly. Aging is associated with several structural and metabolic changes leading to a decrease in physical strength and endurance as well as to a decline in efficiency of body organs and a shift of body composition towards an increase in body fat mass.

Besides establishing lifestyle changes, consumers are looking for natural, safe alternatives to support their goal of lengthening their “healthy life expectancy”, i.e. the number of years in “full health”.  Today, there is a difference of at least seven years between the “healthy life expectancy” and total life expectancy at birth. Thus, products helping the aging consumer to close this gap between healthy life expectancy and total life expectancy have a huge potential.

We at Vital Solutions developed Careless®, a well-tasting, innovative and IP protected ingredient that helps consumers to care less about aging and weight by mimicking some of the effects of calorie restriction and exercise, two well-known measures to stay healthy and in shape.

The full text paper is available here at Wellness Food Europe.

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