Careflow® 健康的生活方式与免疫提升

活力养生德国有限公司与捷成专类化工有限公司联合制作了中文版的Careflow® (芒果粉) 产品彩页,介绍其助力提升免疫力,支持缔造健康生活的优势。
Careflow® 有助于减少炎症,促进微循环和血液流动。
欲知更多信息,敬请走访 网站,或垂询捷成专类化工有限公司 Yvonne 林 女士。

Vital Solutions GmbH has set up together with Jebsen & Jessen China a special leaflet for Careflow® (Mango powder) in Chinese language about its benefits to support the immune system and a healthy lifestyle.
Careflow® helps to reduce inflammation and contributes to microcirculation and blood flow.

For more information, please see or contact Yvonne Lin at Jebsen & Jessen China.
The leaflet is available here.