Careflow® – Hair Beauty from within

Hair Food – restore and shine

Healthy hair is a result of a smooth structural foundation, based on keratin and a good microcirculation, which allows blood to transport hair-boosting nutrients to the hair follicle, the hair bulb. In addition, the body needs to have a healthy metabolism and defense system to keep uncountable factors and pathways in balance to maintain healthy hair growth.

Careflow® has several benefits to restore your hair and let it shine.

Careflow® is a proprietary Mangifera indica (L.) fruit powder obtained from mango fruits, harvested at a special degree of ripeness, standardized on Mangiferin.

Careflow® to nourish the hair bulb

Healthy microcirculation nourishes the hair bulb with oxygen and nutrients, such as bioactive peptides for maintenance and generation of the keratin matrix. Human studies have shown that Careflow® improves microcirculation.

Effective dosage

Human studies confirmed that the effective dosage of Careflow® is 100 mg / serving.

Careflow® to balance aging processes

Mitochondria regulate keratinocyte differentiation by producing signals promoting hair follicle development and reduce hair loss. Careflow® stimulates mitochondria biogenesis. Hair loss is connected to inflammation caused e.g. by oxidative stress or metabolic imbalances. Pro-inflammatory cytokines may induce apoptosis of hair bulb keratinocytes. 6 Careflow® inhibits the release of TNFα (tumor necrosis factor alpha) and IL-6 (interleukin 6).

Careflow®  to support hair growth

Hair is growing during the anagen-phase, of the natural hair cycle. This phase shortened during aging leading to thinner and less hair. Careflow® activates the control enzyme SIRTUIN 1, which supports prolonged anagen phases. Careflow® stimulates the enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase) in human keratinocytes, prolonging hair lifetime and supporting hair growth by shortening of the telogen phase.

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