Careflow® – Skin Beauty from within

Skin Food – restore and glow

Healthy skin is a result of a firm structural foundation, based on collagen and elastin and a good microcirculation, which allows blood to transport essential nutrients and oxygen to each skin cell. In addition, the body needs to have a healthy metabolism and defense system to keep uncountable factors and pathways in balance to maintain skin function and beauty.
Careflow® has several benefits to restore your skin and let it glow.

Careflow® is a proprietary Mangifera indica (L.) fruit powder obtained from mango fruits, harvested at a special degree of ripeness, standardized on Mangiferin.

Careflow® to nourish the skin

Healthy microcirculation nourishes the skin with oxygen and nutrients, such as bioactive peptides for maintenance and generation of collagenous extracellular matrix. Human studies have shown that Careflow® improves microcirculation.

Effective dosage

Human studies confirmed that the effective dosage of Careflow® is 100 mg / serving.

Careflow®  to support skin firmness

Environmental oxidative stress and intrinsic aging processes, lead to increased expression of collagenases (e.g. MMP-1), degrading collagen. Careflow® counteracts MMP1 by activating the control enzyme SIRTUIN 1. Careflow® stimulates the enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase), which captures free radicals. Fat deposit in adipocytes may lead to bumpy skin and cellulite. Careflow® reduces fat accumulation in adipocytes.

Careflow® to balance aging processes

Mitochondria regulate the cell cycle from cellular differentiation to apoptosis and cell replacement, the key processes to control aging. Careflow® stimulates mitochondria biogenesis. Aging is connected to inflammation caused e.g. by oxidative stress or metabolic imbalances. Aged tissue and cells contain more pro-inflammatory cytokines. 5 Careflow® inhibits the release of TNFα (tumor necrosis factor alpha) and IL-6 (interleukin 6).

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