Cognitive Health

Never so many people were concerned about their cognitive health than today. That´s no surprise.

  • We are growing older than ever. We want to maintain our active lifestyle. Mental decline is a “horror szenario” for our generation.
  • We are living in highly competitive society with enormous intellectual and psychological challenges to everyone. On the one hand cognitive health and performance is the key to success. On the other hand they are threatened by stress and pressure.
  • A healthy development of the brain and its cognitive performance in early years can decide about the opportunities in later life.

The good news: Everyone has possibilities to support his brain. First of all it is a healthy lifestyle. Doing sports and a healthy nutrition are the best things someone can do to keep his brain in shape. No expert will doubt that.

Cognitive health. Sports matters

Sport increases the blood flow resulting in a better supply of oxygen and nutritients for the brain. And on the long term the brain has to process very complex information with every movement. Which means every training is a training for the brain.

Cognitive health. Nutrition matters

Nutrition is important for a healthy brain and cognitive performance. We know omega-3 fatty acids which are for example found in fish and olive oil are not only essential for early cognitive development. They are even suggested to benefit cognitive performance and to prevent cognitive decline in later life. B-Vitamins seem to be a kind of natural “brain savers” that can slow down the process of brain shrinkage starting inevitably at the age of 45. It sounds quite simple and it is simple: a healthy diet is good for the whole body including the brain.

Nature´s shortcut  to cognitive performance. Plant extracts

But in a specific situation of pressure eating fish won´t reduce panic and can´t help to keep calm and focused on the most important tasks. Recent research has shown that plant extracts traditionally used in natural medicine such as gingko or lemon balm can provide immediate cognitive support. That is why consumers increasingly embrace food supplements and functional beverages containing these special ingredients. Frequent users are often working professionals under performance pressure, busy multitasking mums and students facing their exam.

They all can benefit from plant extracts helping them to stay mental focused, concentrated and alert. They take products with plant extracts to increase their working memory and to support a calm, positive mood. Indeed every age group can benefit from these smart natural ingredients to cope with occasional stress and improve cognitive performance as well as mental health. The overall result is a more balanced-life and more quality of life. And by the way this is good for the brain. Because stress and dark moods can impair the mental performance.

Cognitive health. A growing market worldwide

Experts believe in the growing importance of cognitive health products in the global markets. The market for brain health food supplements targeting altness, focus, mood, relaxation and memory was estimated in 2020 to be 7.21 billion US $. (Grandviewresearch)

Vital Solutions cognitive health ingredient – Bluenesse®

Vital solutions has a broad experience in the development of plant derived ingredients for cognitive performance and mood. With Bluenesse® we offer a scientifically sound high quality product based on lemon balm extract. Bluenesse® offers our industrial partners the possibility to develop innovative concepts for the cognitive health market – for all age groups and without any compromise in taste.

A summary leaflet about the nootropic benefits of Bluenesse® is available here.