Covid19 – Cytokine Storm & Inflammtion

Even after more than 6 months living with Corona, we recognized that we do not fully understand its mechanism.
Vital Solutions GmbH has carried out an internal workshop and the graphic summarizes our understanding about the mechanism and manifestation of Covid19.
Furthermore, we identified which of our ingredients have beneficial effects to support health during these difficult times.

Benegut® has a direct immune support effect, by balancing an overstimulated immune system and reducing inflammation.

The recommended dosage for immune support is 300 mg, like for gut health.
In  anti-inflammatory concepts, a daily dosage of 120 mg/d will be sufficient.
The leaflet is available here.


Careflow® has anti-inflammatory benefits and supports microcirculation. The recommended dosage is 100 mg/d.
The leaflet is available here.

Bluenesse® has an indirect effect on the immune system. It helps to cope with stress, which may disturb the immune system and it provides a good mood during these difficult times.
The recommended dosage is 300 mg/d.
The leaflet is available here.