Functional beverages. Health in a bottle

There are days, when we don´t have time for a breakfast, feel tired and overworked or are just exhausted after exercise. Then, we are happy to draw on convenient and tasty functional beverages such as green smoothies, energy shots or protein shake that help us providing the right nutrients and perfectly fit in our on-the-go lifestyles.

Functional beverages are non-alcoholic beverages containing ingredients that provide specific health benefits beyond those of general hydration. Traditionally, beverages have been fortified with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Nowadays, drinks containing natural and organic ingredients including herbs, fruits and vegetables have gained popularity to support health and wellness across all age groups.

Girls with a drink

Functional beverages. Energy to drink

One category clearly reflecting this trend is that of energy drinks. The support of healthy energy remains to be a key demand for today´s busy lifestyles. Commenly used is guarana for natural supply of coffeine. Today brands are looking for natural energy supplying alternatives to reduce the caffeine content. For example Ginsing is used.

Functional beverages. Drink and relax

An increasing number of beverages supporting relaxation and stress relief are hitting the shelves – for all who have realized the importance of a balanced, more relaxed lifestyle to stay healthy. Common ingredients used in relaxation beverages include amino acids and natural plant extracts such as lemon balm.

Functional beverages. Water that can do more

If you are looking for a healthy hydration, you should not forget enhanced waters with or without taste. They are an attractive alternative to traditional soft drinks that are often suspected to be unhealthy, unnatural and calorie-rich. Products range from vitamin to beauty waters or even water designed for special population groups (e.g. water for pregnant women with folic acid) are available. The industry even invented methods to solve omega-3-fatty acid in water. A perfect way to support your heart health drink by drink.

Functional beverages. Proteins for muscles and well ageing

For a long time only athletes loved protein drinks to support the growth of their muscles. Moreover, the growing aging population and the consensus on the importance of protein to keep the body strong and maintain lean body mass during healthy aging has resulted in the expansion of protein-enriched drinks beyond weight trainers.

Functional beverages. Simply natural

Some functional beverages are completely provided by nature – for example coconut water. It is the perfect sports drink providing you with all the minerals and vitamins you need after your exercise. And this without any enrichment or fortification. Another completely natural drink to enrich your daily diet is a green smoothie. Green smoothies have several advantages. They are high in vitamins, potassium and minerals, in contrast to fruit juices they contain all the fibers and they are easy to digest. And last not least they are quite cheap if you mix them yourself. It is an easy way to get all the green you don´t eat.

Vital Solutions. Innovative natural ingredients for a bottle

Having a strong expertise in ingredients supporting cognitive function, relaxation, sports and beauty, Vital Solutions offers natural and effective solutions for key applications of the beverage market, allowing our industry partners to develop innovative concepts without compromising on taste. If you buy functional beverages look for our ingredients like Bluenesse®Recoverben® or Careless®.