Gut health. Make your gut your friend

Your bowel can be your friend or our enemy. It is up to you. We highly recommend: Make your bowel your friend. It´s better for you and for your life. A happy gut can make you really happy and vice versa. Bloating, rumbling, intestinal discomfort etc. are obvious signs your gut gets angry with you and your lifestyle. An angry gut isn´t just unpleasant, it can wreak havoc in your complete body because your gut isn´t only responsible to digest things you eat. It also regulates metabolism, comprises more than 75% of your immune system and has its own nervous system, closely connected to our brain and psychological functions. An unhealthy gut can cause quite a range of other diseases including diabetes, eczema, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. Do you need more reasons to take a closer look on your gut health?

Your gut is a fascinating and highly complex system. In your gut flora are working about 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) microorganisms of more than 400 known species. 100 trillion, that´s ten times more microorganisms than you have cells in your entire body. The composition of these microorganisms is crucial to a healthy gut flora. But today´s lifestyle easily disturb the equilibrium of the good and the bad bacteria and reduces the diversity.

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Gut health starts with a healthy gut flora

What can we do to maintain a healthy gut flora? One thing is to give the microorganisms in your gut the food they need: fermentable fibers, so-called prebiotics. Because today´s diets have far too much sugar and refined carbohydrates instead of fibers, therefore the bacteria don´t get the living conditions they need. That is why we recommend a diet with fruits, vegetables, salad or whole grain products instead of fast food and sweets. If this sounds impossible to you, at least add some supplements with prebiotic plant extracts to your diet.

The second thing is: get new microorganisms. It may sound a little bit strange, but you can get good microorganisms with your food, especially with probiotic yoghurts, kefir or fermented cheese like Roquefort. Not all of the bacteria will reach your gut, because the acid in your stomach will kill most of them. But some of the good bacteria in these foods will reach your gut and establish there. If your gut flora suffers from massive attacks like antibiotics it is possible to get special bacteria cocktails. In the delivery formats they can pass the acidic environment of the stomach and are released in your gut.

Stress makes your gut feeling bad

But bacteria and probiotics aren´t the only things you can do to support your bowel. Your gut is closely connected to your brain. If you suffer from stress and pressure, this has an effect on your gut: It wants to get empty. This is an old reflex and it had its advantages in early times of evolution, because the body was able to concentrate its energy during danger situations. Today with chronic stress in the job this reflex can lead to serious intestinal discomfort and problems, so-called irritable bowel syndrom (IBS). Who learns to manage stress improves his life and supports his gut. Recent research has shown that  plant extracts like lemon balm, perilla or rhodiola can reduce the negative effects of stress and this way support a good gut feeling.

Get up. It helps your gut

There is another thing your gut really hates and most of us do it most of the time: it´s sitting. Your gut loves to be in motion because it helps him to transport its content. An average gut measures seven meters. Quite a long way to digest and to transport all the food through your body. Every movement you do helps to activate your gut. And this helps bowel movement and to prevent constipation.

Allergies and incompatibilities. Ask your doctor

Today we can´t speak about gut health without talking about allergies and food incompatibilities. This is a theme you should check with your doctor if you think you have problems eating gluten or drinking milk. Celiac disease is a serious problem and can threaten your life, because it slowly destroys your gut. Make sure you see a doctor if you think you have problems with wheat and other grains containing gluten. But there are many other food incompatibilities. Check out what foods causes intestinal disorders and leave it out. If it makes you feeling better, it´s a good idea to cut it off your diet.

Plant extracts. Nature helps your gut

In addition to these simple tricks, you can find digestive support with natural plant extracts. Tea preparation such as camomile and fennel have always been used to relief digestive discomfort. Thanks to emerging research, the effects of selected plant extracts have now been confirmed scientifically. Formulations containing perilla (Shiso) for instance are attractive candidates to reduce the feeling of fullness, bloating or cramps and pain. In addition perilla has prebiotic effects supporting your gut flora and thereby contributing to an improved quality of life.

Gut health. A growing market worldwide

The fact that gut health products not only offer immediate relief from gastrointestinal complaints but also support well-being, the feeling of lightness and energy, potentially accounts for the steady global market grow of digestive health food and drinks at a CAGR of around 8% between 2016 and 2020 (Technavio).

Vital Solutions. Natural solutions for your gut health – Benegut®

Having a strong expertise in the area of digestive health, Vital Solutions has developed Benegut®, a high quality, natural ingredient made from Shiso (perilla frutescens). It is a natural, soft and efficient way to address gastrointestinal discomfort, even for school kids, suffering from stomach ache. Benegut® helps from athletes seeking relief from digestive symptoms during training to figure-conscious women wishing for a reduction of bloating to fit their skinny jeans. And of course it helps every gut to do its job – just a bit easier.