Happy Pet – Happy Family

Pets support a healthy lifestyle of the whole family by adding structure and daily routines. Playing and cuddling with them leads to stress relief and immediate joy for all family members.

Market trends

The global pet food market is projected to grow from USD 115.50 billion in 2022 to USD 163.70 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.11% (1) Five consumer demand trends shape the global pet food market: Humanization, Premiumization, Natural, Clean label, and Healthy ingredients to meet nutritional needs, but also boost and protect a pet’s health. (2)

The science of relationhips

The emotional support pets can provide is increasingly important for the society and recently published studies have begun to explore the science behind it. The love hormone oxytocin (1, 2) and the stress hormone cortisol (3) were investigated in cats, dogs, and humans interacting with each other. The strongest relation was found between humans and dogs. Both exhibit a surge in oxytocin, when interacting in a positive way. In dogs even a synchronization of the stress hormone cortisol with their owners was identified.
Important is that pet owners take care to recognize when their pets are stressed to eliminate the cause or to reduce the negative effects of stress on their pet’s health. This way both can benefit from a long-term relationship and a happy pet allows a happy family.


How to support pets health and relief stress

Physical exercise, mental stimulation or chewing a tasty bite supports stress-relief of dogs. In addition, pet supplement are an effective solution to provide comfort for common stressors such as: fireworks, thunderstorms, hyperactivity, boarding, loud noises, environmental stress, separation anxiety, grooming and travel. Stress and calm relief pet supplements, help to balance negative effect of stress, reduce anxiety, support a calm behavior and curb destructive attitude. A good choice for such pet supplements is to include Bluenesse® by Vital Solutions.


⇒ Bluenesse® – Happy Pets

Having a strong expertise in natural  ingredients, Vital Solutions offers Bluenesse® for Pet Food, helping pets with anxiety-related behavioral problems and supports that pets are calm, happy and enjoy walks or plays with focus and coordination.

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