Identity testing

ID Testing. The importance of being sure

Inspection of incoming raw materials is an essential step in our industry to verify that the correct raw material has been received. The assurance of the correct material in a manufacturing process is important for quality and safety. For this reason, verification of the identity of incoming raw materials is conducted before material is released for production.

Identity testing is simple for a lot of plant raw materials, like cut herbs, fruits and roots. They are often distinguished by their physical features such as size, shape, color and odor. However, this may be not as obvious anymore after the materials have been pre-processed, like dried or grinded. At this point, macroscopic and sometimes even microscocopic determination is difficult and phytochemical method are necessary.

ID testing methods compare results to a reference material. This means the results are as reliable as the reference material is. Therefore it is important to use certified reference substances.

Example I: Melissa officinals leaves ID testing

European Pharmacopoeia TLC method.

identity testing

Our commitment

We have two cycles of ID testing. First, we test a representative sample of the related harvest before we allow the material to be delivered to our manufacturing plants. Second, a representative sample of the delivered raw material batch is inspected for ID. If the ID was confirmed, additional quality parameter are checked before the material is released for production.

When available, we focus on existing, validated, scientific methods, like for example thin layer chromatography (TLC) based on European Pharmacopoeia methods. Nevertheless, we are open to new technologies, like DNA barcoding tests, if these support our innovation process.

Two examples are showed here. One traditional European Pharmacopoeia TLC methods and an innovative, DNA testing method, which was especially developed for Vital Solutions.

All our ID testing method are made available to our business partner on request.


Example II: Mangifera indica fruit ID testing:

Innovative DNA barcoding testing method.

DNA testing plate