Immune defense webinar in Chinese language

We would like to invite you for our webinar in Chinese language on plant-based solutions to support immune defense & reduce inflammation 
on Thursday 5th November 2020 at 2:30pm Beijing
(7:30am Berlin, 1:30am East)

Vital Solutions and its Chinese representative Jebsen Specialty Chemicals are looking forward to introduce to you our natural, science-based ingredients, Benegut® and Careflow®, supporting the immune system and reducing inflammation. Both ingredients provide benefits, consumers are increasingly looking for in products they buy.

Join us in our webinar to:

  • Learn more about the immune system and the risk of inflammation
  • Discover the uniqueness of Benegut® and Careflow® and how they fulfill today‘s consumers‘ needs
  • Follow an in-depth exploration of the origin, science and quality behind our ingredients
  • Interact, discuss and share ideas with our international, multidisciplinary team of specialists, including Michelle Cui Jun, Yeng Cze Yee and Uwe Werner, during our live Q&A
  • Feel free to send questions prior to the webinar to

To enter, please click here.

If you can’t join us live, the recorded webinar to watch it on-demand is an option. We are looking forward to welcome you.

Vital Solutions and Jebsen Team