Kid’s health. Love, education, and more

Already during the month of pregnancy most parents feel a tremendous responsibility. They want to make sure their child gets everything it needs to grow up healthy and to live a happy and successful life. We do not talk about raising up the next Einstein or the next Ronaldo. We talk just about growing up normal boys and girls. But our times are strange and highly competitive. And many parents are afraid if their child really finds its way into adulthood and if they really do everything they can do. The best thing a child can get from parents of course is their love. But real love means to encourage, to educate and to do the best for a healthy development.

A healthy development depends very much from sports and food. Although computers help us, to move less and less, nature planned mankind as beings in motion. And food is obviously the basis of the development. In the end we are what we eat. During pregnancy it is easy. The mother needs especially a plus of folic acid and omega-3-fatty acids to provide the fetus growing inside her the nutrients for a healthy development.

Smart kids

Children and healthy food. Not always easy

It becomes a little more difficult, when the child is born and starts to like or to dislike food. And often children dislike things parents love because they are so healthy. The plan of a healthy and diversified diet with all the vitamins, minerals and other good things nature has to offer crashes easily. The child should eat this special vegetable or that fruit but wants burgers and chocolate. That is the moment to think about food supplements and about the vital substances which are important to promote a healthy development.

Vitamins for children. A long tradition

This idea isn´t new at all. Generations of children hated the tablespoon of cod liver oil they had to take daily. But it is rich in vitamin D – important for the musculoskeletal health. Since we get vitamin D only from being outside in sunlight this seems to be useful even today – especially in northern countries with short days in long winters. But today the fight between parents and children to eat their extra vitamins just faded away. Multivitamins for children today are packed in tasty juices or candy. Sometimes it is rather the problem to prevent children from eating too much which is really important.

Children and school. Supporting cognitive performance

Today´s parents are not only concerned about vitamins. They want to know how food can support the immune system or promote the cognitive development. When it comes to products with mental focus, omega-3-fatty acids clearly belong to the best known and most researched compounds supporting brain development and cognitive performance. Beyond that, the use of dextrose to improve short term concentration before the next school exam, may be well-familiar for lots of children and their parents. Recently, also natural and organic botanical products have started to gain parents attention, as their traditional uses are becoming more and more scientifically substantiated. Ingredients such as lemon balm or ginseng are interesting candidates for children having difficulties to stay calm and concentrate at school or occasionally forget their homework.

Supporting children´s immunity

The other big story is immunity. Children often get sick and it is not only unpleasant for them but it is a problem for their working parents, too. Often children get antibiotics. Although they are necessary from a medical point of view, they have unwanted side effects on the little patients gut flora. And gut flora has great influence on the immune system. So it can be quite reasonable to provide children with probiotics especially after they got antibiotics. Did you know that stomach ache is one of the most common symptoms in children worldwide and a main reason why children do not feel comfortable to go to school? Plant extracts including chamomile and perilla may provide immediate and perceptive gastrointestinal discomfort relief and present an attractive choice for parents who prefer natural, safe support for their kids´ well-being.

Kids Health. A growing market worldwide

Despite currently being a relatively small segment, healthy foods, beverages and supplements for kids is an emerging topic, as Moms are most interested and committed to seeking products that support their children´s health. The 2012 Gallup Study of Children´s Nutrition and Eating Habits reported that 69% of Moms make strong efforts to buy fortified foods. Thus, it is not surprising that growths of kid-specific foods and beverages outpaced the total market during the last years and are projected to increase from $ 32 billion in 2013 to $41 billion by 2018 (Nutraceuticals World 2015).

Vital Solutions. Natural solutions for children´s brain and belly
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