Men’s Performance

Supplements supporting men’s performance are riding the crest of success within the growing sexual wellness market. Products provide security and help enhance sexual pleasure. Point of sales are online as well as in normal retail shops without any grubby image.

Market trends

The accelerated global market growth for sexual wellness products (+12.4% CAGR 1) and particular for sexual enhancement supplements (+9% CAGR 2) is connected to the following social trends:

The importance of NO (nitric oxide)

Most important for potency and sexual function is blood flow, regulated via nitric oxide (NO). NO triggers pathways leading to a smooth muscle relaxation, dilation of vessel and increasing blood flow, resulting in erection. It is not surprising, that men suffering from circulatory disorders, like high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, or diabetes complain about low performance, as well as elderly, whose NO levels are lower due to cumulative oxidative stress.

Aging population

Due to the demographic shift, there is an increasing number of elderly interested in maintaining sexual health.


Over the last decades, a social shift in attitudes towards breaking down taboos around sex has started, triggered by progressive digitalization, generating a new customer group driven by curiosity to try out products.

Stress & Lifestyle

Today’s complex lifestyle makes it difficult to cope with daily stress and may lead to mental or physical disorders, effecting sexual performance.


In the past, off-label use of supplements based on secret insider tips, were common praxis. Today, marketers of supplements for cardiovascular health or sports nutrition are open to mention on the label that e.g. blood flow is key to all aspects of a men’s health, including sexual function.

⇒ Careflow® for Men´s Performence

Having a strong expertise in ingredients supporting men´s health, Vital Solutions offers Careflow®, a natural solutions to boost men’s performance. Careflow® is scientifically proven to activates the enzyme endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), releasing nitric oxide (NO), which relaxes blood vessels and enables healthy blood flow.