MGI Wellness hosted a successful webinar for Benegut®

MGI Wellness (MGI Plus Sdn. Bhd), a Malaysian company specialist in health living, hosted a webinar for pharmacists to introduce the beneficial effects of Benegut® for guthealth.

MGI makes and creates quality health supplement to enhance the ability of disease prevention and to raise the quality of life to people. As a guardian for your gut, they offer ShisoG, which is a unique formulation with perilla leave extract, Benegut®, by Vital Solutions GmbH, to reduce GI discomfort.  MGI and Vital Solutions corporate and it was a pleasure of Dr. Sybille Buchwald-Werner, Managing director of Vital Solutions, to join Hng Wan Chying, President of MGI, for the webinar and to introduced Benegut® and the scientific research to MGI customers. 

Please find more information about the consumer product, being sold in Malaysia here.