Nutraceuticals Now: Recoverben® – Science-based, natural support for sports nutrition

Today, people take sports really serious and want to get the best effect out of their effort. Even amateurs look for possibilities to improve their training like
professionals. Consequently, the market demand is high for safe, natural ingredients, with scientifically-proven beneficial effects to improve physical performance. Increased sports nutrition knowledge among non-elite sportspeople and lifestyle users is driving growth of the sports nutrition market.

Traditionally, sports nutrition supplements were offered in so-called oral dosage forms, like capsules, tablets or powder. Today consumers can choose from a variety of modern formulations like for example soft gums, liquids or stick packs for oral dissolvable or ready-to-drink powders.

This paper summarizes the investigation of Recoverben® as an innovative product scientifically proven to meet the consumer’s demands of different target groups in sports nutrition market. It is a natural, organic, high quality product made in Germany, that can be nicely used as functional ingredient in foods and food supplements in a variety of application forms due to it solubility  and  nice taste.

Recoverben helps the body to defend oxidative stress related to physical exercise and it is able to prevent loss of muscle strength and reduces muscle soreness, and thereby supports physical performance.  Recoverben®´s effectiveness has been proven by successful in vitro and human studies. Recently, the human study results were published in the BMC Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and the main findings are summarized also in this article.

The Nutraceuticals Now is an industry journal and the full text paper is available here.

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