NutraCos: Benegut® – Beneficial effects for digestively stressed consumers

Maintaining optimal digestive health is particularly important to vitality and well being throughout all stages of life. The efficiency of each person’s digestive tract can make all the difference in daily energy and overall health. Nearly everybody experiences gastrointestinal discomfort, which affects quality of life.

Symptoms can be bloating, altered intestinal mobility and transit as well as abdominal pain or cramps and rumbling. Many times these symptoms are combined with poor mood, lack of concentration and energy and may consequently prevent people from sleeping, working, exercising and socializing with friends.
Gastrointestinal discomfort is mainly caused by ileum contractions, which lead to altered intestinal mobility campaigned by cramps, bloating and rumbling. The contractions could be initiated by a direct local effects linked to e.g. a food intolerance or could be stimulated by neurotransmitter, which are activated e.g. by stress.
Promoting digestive comfort includes regulation of transit through the gastrointestinal tract and easing pain associated with digestion as well as to support the reduction of causes leading to gastrointestinal discomfort.

Benegut® combines prokinetic as well as antispasmodic efficacy leading to an immediately, feel-able balancing effect on bowel function. Benegut® it is able to normalize gut functions, having a beneficial physiological effect to maintain normal digestion and to prevent or improve gut regularity.

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