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Today’s consumers are well-informed and are looking for natural, safe and science-based products. They carefully check the product’s label, looking for simple and transparent ingredient lists. They are looking for certifications, which verify product’ quality and safety. Therefore, organic, vegetarian, WADA tested, Non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified ingredients are preferred.

Purchase decisions are made based on quality and brands reputation, convenient delivery form, online search and reviews as well as recommendations from friends and family. Safe, reliable natural ingredients, with scientifically-proven and published beneficial effects to improve physical performance are on high demand.

This paper summarizes the investigation of Recoverben®, is the all-natural, organic, WADA tested and scientifically substantiated solution for key applications of the sport performance market, allowing industry partners to develop innovative concepts without compromising on taste.

It helps the body to defend oxidative stress related to physical exercise. Moreover, it is able to prevent loss of muscle strength and improves recovery after exercise. Thereby, it supports physical performance and motivation for sports.

Human study results demonstrated that Recoverben® significantly reduced exercise-related muscle strength loss compared to placebo. Participants within the Recoverben® group benefitted from approximately 50% less muscle strength loss compared to placebo. In addition, they reached complete recovery already after 48 hours. Moreover, they experienced an advanced activity of glutathione peroxidase compared to placebo, which is an important enzyme to help the body to defend oxidative stress related to physical exercise and supports recovery. BMC Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2018, 15:5

The NutraCos full text paper is available here.

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