Dr. Silvio Inderbitzin


  • Pharmacist, PhD in pharmacology
  • Executive MBA, University of St. Gallen

Strong experience and expertise in:

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry
  • Experience in general management, leadership, strategy, business development, global marketing, manufacturing, risk management, project management, human resources, M&A
  • In different positions such as
    • CEO and member of the General Management Team
    • Member of the Board of Directors and also Co-Owner and significant share holder in a medium sized international pharmaceutical company (450 employees)
  • Running operational manufacturing business as Technical Director being responsible for activities such as: Purchase of raw materials, production, quality control, quality assurance, technical engineering, warehousing/logistics in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals/cosmetics In GXP environment
  • Special expertise in process orientated quality systems as Head of Quality Assurance and Qualified Person for batch release
  • Management of subsidiaries
  • B2B business as Managing director of a company supplying customized semi-finished/raw materials in pellet form to mainly the cosmetic industry
  • Third party manufacturing
  • Cooperations with third parties and universities

Major achievements

  • Successful and sustainable growth programs in important markets resulting in increase of sales, units sold, number of employees, new products and territories (B2B and B2C)
  • Clear positioning of brands
  • Market leadership with top brands in several countries
  • Extension of infrastructure on pharmaceutical manufacturing site (new buildings, new equipment) according to growth needs
  • Running successful projects in Operational excellence, efficiency improving and cost saving
Silvio Inderbitzin

Dr. Silvio Inderbitzin