Sleep and Recovery

More and more people suffer from sleepless nights. Insufficient sleep puts our health on risk, because deep relaxing sleep and mental & physical recovery are closely related. The better you sleep the faster you will recover from an exhaustive day.

The good news: Natural ingredients may help you with both – sleep better and recovery faster.

Don´t let cortisol slow down your recovery

Cortisol is a stress hormone that activates catabolic processes, providing your body with energy. At midnight cortisol levels usually reach their lowest point, in the morning they reach their highest peak. Chronic stress elevates your cortisol levels. It´s like someone stepping on the gas, while you want to slow down and sleep.

The problem: Sleep is the most important time for recovery. It is the longest fat burning phase in the day, allowing the body to lower blood sugar and to refuel brain and muscles with sugar, which means with energy. High cortisol levels block this process. In the morning you feel tired and exhausted, even when sleeping healthy seven or eight hours.

Sleeping men

Muscle recovery during sleep

During sleep the body produces the human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone is highly necessary to muscle growth, repair of muscle fibers and fat metabolism. Stress resulting in high cortisol levels during night can block the release of this human growth hormone – with negative effects on muscle growth and recovery.

Activate your defense against muscle soreness

Glutathione peroxidase GPx is an enzyme which has an important role in the body´s defense against oxidative damage. This is quite important because stress-full lifestyle or intensive workouts need much energy. While burning carbohydrates and fats the body produces not only energy but free radicals, too. These free radicals have to be scavenged and depleted to protect the body against muscle damage and fatigue.

Vital Solutions sleep & recovery health ingredient – Bluenesse® and Recoverben®

Bluenesse® and Recoverben® work perfectly together to support physical and mental recovery promoting a healthy, relaxing and deep sleep.

Bluenesse®, a clinically proven lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) extract helps you to cope with stress and to fall asleep. During sleep it supports metabolic processing for mental and physical recovery. Bluenesse® is proven to reduce cortisol levels and to balance important neurotransmitter, which enhances the flow of information between neurons, providing focus, which is important for sleep preparation.

Recoverben® supports the process of muscular recovery during sleep. This natural lemon verbena extract improves the activity of glutathione peroxidase (GPx) and reduces inflammation. A human study confirmed that Recoverben® supports physical recovery.