Tracebility. Because consumers want to know

Consumers increasingly want to know where their food and food supplements comes from and how they were produced. We fully understand the demand for traceability and think in the same way. When we buy for example a baby leaf salad we also want to know if it was sourced locally, that it is not adulterated with other herbs, and that it is not contaminated with e.g. pesticides.

Raw material origin, plant authentication and legal quality requirements are important.


Our commitment

At Vital Solutions, we go beyond these criteria, because health ingredients need not only to be authentically, pure and safe, they also need to deliver the desired effect.

Each raw material has individual quality criteria. We monitor the phytochemical composition, determine the concentration of specific molecules and we test in vitro for activity before we decide to harvest and to use the material.

We map our supply chains, conduct supplier audits and farm assessments to ensure the procurement and processing of our raw materials complies with our sourcing criteria and product specifications.

One can imagine that long-lasting and meaningful relationships with key partners are important for highest quality, sustainable assurance of raw material supply, and for effective risk management.

For each of our ingredient we have carefully selected supply chain partner for farming and processing. This ensures full traceability and transparency and is providing the basis for organic, kosher and halal certifications.

By doing this, we extend the value chain to our supply chain partner, so that they truly contribute to value creation and support our competitiveness.

Perilla (Shizo) field in Hokkaido
Perilla frutescens cultivation for Benegut
Hokkaido, Japan
Melissa (Lemon balm) close up
Melissa officinalis cultivation for Bluenesse
Hessen, Germany