Sports Nutrition. How to optimize your training

We live in strange times. On the one hand we follow the ideal of healthy, sporty and perfectly trained body. On the other hand our society suffers from the negative effects of inactivity because technology replaces more and more physical work. This is a dilemma. Doing sports seems to be the only way to get out. Many people take sports really serious and want to get the best effect out of their effort. Even amateurs look for possibilities to improve their training and therefore they look up to the professionals. Scientific progress trickles down and helps them to improve their results. Today athletes have a deeper understanding of the biological processes inside their body. This helps them to discover new and effective ways to support their body besides their exercises.

One of the most important questions for athletes is: what can food do to improve their training results? What should they eat? When is the best time to eat? What helps to build up muscles? What supports endurance? What makes regeneration faster and easier? The right food and a good timing can be the answer to all these questions. This makes food and food supplements perfect training partners.

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Quick regeneration. Proteins, carbohydrates and timing

Of course the body needs proteins to build up muscles and some energy to work. But intelligent planning of nutrition can do much more. It can help to reduce regeneration phases and to avoid muscle soreness.

The regeneration phase is quite complex. It is a bundle of different processes taking place. The body fixes raptures in the microstructures of the muscles. It fills up its energy reservoirs and optimizes neuronal processes.

One of the most important things for a fast and efficient regeneration is to refill the energy storages and to eliminate lactate. After strong efforts one of the most important things is a cool down phase with just some light running. It helps the body to activate blood circulation and to eliminate metabolic end products. And it´s quite important to get carbohydrates to fill up the glycogen stores in the liver. These simple two actions can reduce the length of the regeneration phase by 33 percent. Of course the body needs in addition liquids, minerals and proteins. That is why athletes love special sports drinks that give them all their body needs. An hour after the training a real meal is recommended. Important is the right balance of carbohydrates and protein, for example wholewheat bread with cheese or potatoes and eggs. This is very basic but it is efficient, too.

Food supplements. Supporters for sports nutrition

But what can athlete´s food do more to improve their performance? Many people for example take magnesium to avoid muscle cramps. But it can improve the energy metabolism of the cells, too. B-vitamins and trace elements like calcium, iron, zinc and iodine can have similar beneficial effects on the energy metabolism. Vitamin C is often used to contribute to a normal working immune system. Vitamin B6 is involved in the protein and fat metabolism. Others try to get better results with creatin and l-carnitin. But there seems to be pure scientific evidence of its efficacy.

Plant extracts and herbal ingredients. Nature´s support

Sometimes herbal ingredients are a good and a more natural alternative to avoid muscle soreness, to increase performance and to speed up regeneration. For example lemon verbena. Human studies demonstrated that a special extract out of lemon verbena helps the body to defend oxidative stress related to physical exercise. Moreover, it is able to prevent loss of muscle strength and reduces muscle soreness. Others, like beet root, mango or L-Arginine support circulation and improve blood flow helps restoring the cellular energy level by increased supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Sports Nutrition. A growing market worldwide

Increased sport nutrition knowledge among non-elite sportspeople and lifestyle users is driving growth of the sports nutrition market. Globally, it is estimated to grow about 8% annually to reach US$ 40 bn by 2020, with herbal supplements driving much of the growth (Nutraingredients 2016).

Vital Solutions sports nutrition ingredients

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