Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition Market:

The growing number of people following an active lifestyle is driving the market for sports nutrition. The global sports nutrition market size was valued at USD 10.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.9% from 2021 to 2028. (1) Many people take sports really serious and want to get the best effect out of their effort. Even amateurs look for possibilities to improve their training and therefore they look up to the professionals.  Today athletes have a deeper understanding of the biological processes inside their body.  This helps them to discover new and effective ways to support their body besides their exercises. One of the most important questions for athletes is: What can food do to improve their training results? What should they eat? When is the best time to eat? What helps to build up muscles? What supports endurance? What makes regeneration faster and easier? The right food and a good timing can be the answer to all these questions. This makes food and food supplements perfect training partners.

Boost your Energy & Endurance

Endurance is depending e.g. on blood flow and oxygen supply as well as on the number and efficiency of mitochondria. Careflow® is a perfect pre & workout ingredient: its effective dosage of 100 mg. Several human gold standard studies have shown that Careflow® increases blood flow and microcirculation after acute and long term intake. Careflow® has different mode of actions supporting energy and endurance. First, it activates the enzyme eNOS (nitric oxide synthases) improving blood flow.  Second, Careflow® triggers the enzyme Sirtuin 1, which is the key master switch enzyme for energy homeostasis, ensuring the right energy level during training and recovery. Third, it improves mitochondria biogenesis. Mitochondria are the power houses of each cell suppling energy, and balancing oxidative stress in muscle cells. 

Boost your Recovery

After workout, one of the most important thing is a cool down phase. It helps the body to activate blood circulation and to eliminate metabolic end products. And it´s quite important to get carbohydrates to fill up the glycogen stores in the liver. These simple two actions can reduce the length of the regeneration phase by 33 percent. Of course the body needs in addition liquids, minerals and proteins.  An hour after the training a real meal is recommended. In addition, plant-based ingredients to avoid muscle soreness, to increase performance and to speed up regeneration are beneficial. Recoverben®, a special lemon verbena extract.. Human studies demonstrated that it helps the body to defend oxidative stress related to physical exercise. Moreover, it is able to prevent loss of muscle strength and reduces muscle soreness. Others, like beet root, mango or L-Arginine support circulation and improve blood flow helps restoring the cellular energy level by increased supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Make the best out of your training – during night

Rest and recovery are critical factors in any successful training program. Regeneration between the training sessions is essential to give the body time to gain the positive impulses  of the training e.g. for muscle growth and to be ready for the next training session without soreness. Post workout, despite physical exhaustion, the body is still stimulated by training and they feel mentally awake with thoughts running through their head.  In other words, physical training also stresses the body, increasing cortisol levels and consequently hindering our ability to fall asleep easily.

Get help to gently encourage your body & mind to relax, destress & drift into sleep. The intake of 300 mg Bluenesse® prior to sleep will calm your system and reduce elevated cortisol level, enabling the cardiovascular system to relax & support healthy metabolism.  During sleep reduced cortisol levels by Bluenesse® enables the release of the human growth hormone (GH) which is essential for muscle repair and muscle growth related to training adaptation. 

Vital Solutions Sports Nutrition ingredients Bluenesse® & Careflow® & Recoverben®

Vital Solutions ingredients support physical activity from pre-workout via workout and post workout recovery. Furthermore, they support a good training effect. All ingredients are scientifically proven, IP protected, and frequently used in food supplements. They have been tested for banned substances by LGC’s world-class sports anti-doping laboratory. Within the limitations of the analysis, none of the listed drugs were found.


Careflow®, a fruit powder made of a special variety of Indian mango, has been shown to improve bloodflow and microcirculation boosting performance and endurance.

Bluenesse®, an exclusive lemon balm extract, supports with the right focus to win and improves mental and physical recovery by balacing stress-related cortisol levels.

Recoverben®, an innovative, natural,  sports nutrition ingredient based on the extract of lemon verbena (Aloysia citriodora), improves recovery after exercise and thereby supports physical performance, motivation for sports and may prevent overtraining.