Vital Solutions Society

Healthy Society

Science for a better future
Providing a working environment that fosters well-being
Guaranteeing health & safety


Sustainable Society

Developing socially useful products
Ethically sourced raw materials
Commitment to biodiversity
Long term, proven supply chain partners
Responsible use of natural resources
Resource-efficient processes

Digital Society

Mobile workplaces
Virtual spaces which enable an open
communication within our global network
Provide scientific information in social media platforms
Social media presence allowing feedback

Fair Society

Transparent business practice
Fair labor practice
Gender equality policy
Promoting diversity
Ensuring equal payment

At Vital Solutions, we want to contribute to healthier and happier lives. With our business we can impact to safe the planet, to support health & wellness and to live a culture of respect. We believe that long term success is only possible, if we create value for all stakeholders of our business and for the society. Our commitment is to support peoples’ health naturally by investing in science to offer effective ingredients and to invest in communication to create awareness and know-how among consumers to enable them to choose the best individual nutritional support.