Women and health or the struggle with the body

It´s great to be a woman – but it is not always easy. Sometimes a woman´s life seems to be full of challenges. Woman want to be successful in their job, they want to have a family and to be perfect mothers. They want to look beautiful but are never satisfied with their body. They have a daily fight with calories and bodyweight. They want an active lifestyle and to do much sports to keep their body in shape. They have to face all the biological challenges like pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. They want to do everything to stay healthy, to look fresh and young and to age in the best way possible. It sounds like too much pressure and too much struggle for perfection.

But today´s women find ways to keep up with daily challenges. For example their attitude towards food. For many women healthy food is a way to keep themselves and their family healthy. They don´t count just calories. They eat much more fruits and vegetables than men. They embrace all the power nature offers them in their food. Often they try to optimize their meals with food supplements like vitamins, minerals or plant extracts.

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Support for an active lifestyle

There is a broad variety of products and ingredients to choose from for every specific situation. For example sports. Women today are at least ambitious as men and want to get the best training effect they can get. Plant extracts giving them a metabolic boost for the gym or aiding them to efficient regeneration after the workout. Natural compounds targeting effective bodyshaping often complement diet and training. Products based on mango, lemon verbena or lemon balm are simple and natural possibilities to add some performance to an active lifestyle.

Pregnancy. A challenge for the body

A really game changing situation in a woman´s life is getting pregnant. It changes everything including the body´s nutrient requirements. For example the need for folic acids doubles from 400 mg to 800 mg daily. It is possible but not easy to get this amount with normal food. But especially in the first three month of pregnancy a lack of folic acid is dangerous for the fetus and can impede the proper development of the central nervous system. Food supplements including folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids help to match the growing needs and to ensure healthy growth of the unborn child.

Mothers. Multi-tasking and double stress

With kids a completely new kind of stress and pressure enters life, because babies often mean sleepless nights for the parents – especially for mothers. Fighting fatigue becomes an important issue. When children grow and they get back in their job mothers experience a rising level of stress, because of the multi-role they play. Stress manifests differently. Some women suffer from a lack of focus, concentration and energy others experience a shortness of breath, an upset stomach or sleep disorders. From these emotional and psychosomatic symptoms it is just a short way to real physical health problems. Besides psychological techniques of stress management there is some help from nature: Thanks to emerging research and experiences from traditional medicine, we know today plants that help to manage stress and stress symptoms. Extract from lemon balm for example offers relaxation and immediate cognitive support. It supports mental focus, concentration and memory. On the other hand it helps to reach a calm, positive mood, to relax and to sleep at night. Who suffers from stress related gastrointestinal symptoms finds help with fennel or perilla extracts.

Age. A sensitive issue

Nothing is more frightening to a women then age. Getting older changes the appearance and is experienced as a loss of attractiveness. But aging is not only about grey hair, sagging and wrinkles. Besides the outward changes every women faces some major inner changes. For example metabolism. At 30 it starts to slow down and feels for many women like a drop of energy. The menopause is a serious change in the hormonal balance. The following emotional imbalance, stress and the sensation of tension can have a severe impact on the quality of life.

Functional food and food supplements can help women to care less about the signs of age. They help the body from inside to age well and to maintain health and vitality. They can help to protect the cells, support the metabolic processes to provide energy and can improve the microcirculation. Microcirculation is the blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels. It is quite important because organs and tissues will work better, when supplied properly with oxygen and nutrients. It is not only important for cognitive health and for the heart it also benefits skin hydration and elasticity.

Vital Solutions. Natural ingredients for women´s health

Having a strong expertise in ingredients supporting women´s health, Vital Solutions offers natural and effective solutions for various applications including metabolic health, cognitive health, gut health and well-aging. With our products Benegut®, Bluenesse®, Careless® and Recoverben® we allow our industry partners to develop innovative concepts for women’s health.